Warm, Soft & Adorable Dog Sleeping Blanket

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Get your doggy all cozy with these awesomely warm and soft blankets! 

they come in three different color patterns! pick your favorite!

Your doggy will love these!


Size Measurements
XS 7.9 X 7.9 inch (20 x 20cm)
S 23.4 X 15.6 inch (60 x 40cm)
M 29.6 X 20.2 inch (76 x 52cm)
L 40.6 X 29.9 inch ( 104 x 76cm)

Wash Style:
Hand wash and/or Mechanical Wash

Applicable Dog Breed: Small/medium dog
Material :  Soft and comfortable coral fleece

Suitable for :  
Size  S   Dogs Length 60cm (23.6 Inches)  
Size  M   Dogs Length 76cm (29.9 Inches)
Size  L   Dogs Length 104cm (40.9 Inches)

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