Amazing Water-Proof Doggy shoes!

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With an absolutely astonishing and eye-catching design, these colorful shoes will keep your puppy's paws nice and dry and will protect your puppy from any small harmful thing that may be on the way of his paws.

These shoes are perfect for when it rains and you don't want to get the house dirty!

Just put the shoes on your doggy and go out for a walk on a rainy day! After, you can just take off the shoes before entering home and Voilá no dirty floors!!

Get this awesome water-proof doggy shoes while they last!!


1 set contains 4 doggy shoes; 1 for each paw.

Size Approximate Measurements
Small 1.69 x 1.29 Inches (4.3cm x 3.3cm)
Medium 1.96 x 1.57 Inches (5cm x 4cm)
Large 2.28 x 1.81 Inches (5.8cm x 4.6cm)
Make sure to measure your doggy's paw before ordering!
Please allow a small window for error as measurements were done manually.

Deluxe anti-slip and flexible sole rain shoes
Eye-catching sneaker design
Soft and very easy to put on
Colors: Black,Purple,Blue
Package Content:
4X Doggy shoes per order.

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